Going Green: Make An Old Candle New Again With Rekindle

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Candles are a great way to do so many things in one with decor. They provide mood lighting, a great option for accessorizing, make your space smell nice and more. The annoying part about them is that they only last so long and can be a little bit messy when you head into the tapered realm….

Lounge Worthy Unconventional Desk

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A desk typically dictates that there will be a couple of things in the mix. One of which being a flat surface on which to place your computer, materials and whatever other work that needs to get done. The other implied item when talking about desks is a chair because you’ve got to park it somewhere…

Distressed Leather Bean Bag Chair For the Bachelor

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Masculine elements are some of the most fun and interesting pieces to incorporate into a home. Whether it’s a giant leather offering or a unique heavy metal object– even a pool table or game equipment can be a great touch to an otherwise bland room. A space without an identity can be enlivened with the simplest…

A Persian Rug Bed For Your Dog

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Having a pet bed that flows with the design flavor and style of your home certainly helps the situation of having a place for them to call ‘home’ as well. If you’re into the eclectic and gorgeous prints that come from the East, consider adding one of these hand-hooked persian rug beds to your living room…

‘Cool’ Swedish Chair Design Mixes Materials

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Swedish designers Karoliina Priha and Kaleb J Cardenas Z worked with one another in collaboration to create a unique chair that achieved a couple of goals in upholstery and furniture construction. While it may look like a simple chair with a combination of fabrics on it, the idea behind the execution was a great process. The…

Rocking Shell ‘Odu’ Lounge by Confused Direction

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Located in Oldenburg, Germany designers of Confused Direction have a penchant for creating uniquely contemporary furniture and objects. The ‘Odu’ rocker and daybed is one product that doesn’t disappoint, with its multiple ways of use and tons of color cushion options. Available to sit on the floor and rock with your body’s natural movement, or attach…

Green Design Angular ‘Viva’ Desk By Shift

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Always looking for great products that feature an interesting concept, a new material, or a sustainable design; Shift has caught our eye with their OSB built desk design called ‘Viva.’ Integrated details are a mixture of form and function, showing that good design can be both beautiful and useful. OSB (or oriented strand board) is typically…

Ikea Hacks by Teste di Legno

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Teste di Legno creates beautiful furniture pieces from combinations of other Ikea furniture units. Though it may be a bit of an unconventional assembly, this particular piece called ‘unacredenza‘ is a storage compilation that includes drawers, cabinet doors, shelving, lighting and little cubbies to play safe haven for tchotchkes at home. Though so many of the…

2D Household Object Photography

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Beautiful home objects aren’t always easy to be found, but there are some that really go above and beyond in terms of design. Artist and photographer Cynthia Greig determined that she would be creating a series of photographs that really showcases the linear elements of beautiful home accessories and necessities. Greig has determined that in photographing…

Interactive See-Saw Chair Balancing Act

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Balance isn’t a typical factor that comes to mind when thinking of having a seat to take a load off. But with some furniture designs, the thing that’s important is promoting health, or creating a unique environment to interact with, or just having some tongue-in-cheek fun with the idea of what a ‘seat’ really is and…