Product Guide: 5 Nifty Sporks To Travel With

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Prepping food for on the go can be a tricky task to tackle if there’s going to be multiple meals involved, and even luggage that’s space prohibitive. But, where there’s a will– there’s a way, and utensils can be downsized just like so many other bulky tupperware items and travel containers. We’ve found that the popularity…

26 Dream Showers To Inspire

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We all spend a good portion of our lives grooming, and finding that serene space in our homes can be daunting at times– but the shower is a good place to start. There’s something relaxing about a zen shower that’s designed perfectly to suit your lifestyle, and it all starts with an idea. Whether you have…

How To: 5 Ways to Add Chandeliers For Extra Drama

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There are a million ways to design a room. Injecting your own personal style and tastes into your home space are what make it ‘yours.’ While there’s no real right or wrong way to do something, there are guidelines that you can follow to get started. Lighting is always one of the ways we will recommend…

Adventures in Reading: 20 Cozy Nooks To Share With A Book

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Reading is a hobby that most take up for personal pleasure, and while it can be great to get lost in a book– there are times when your space just won’t allow for a separation from home life. If you really like to hunker down and zone out the rest of the world while reading, creating…

How To: 7 Tips to Spruce Up Your Home’s Curb Appeal

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Looking to up the ante against your neighbor for best looking house on the block? Prepping to sell? Ready for a change? These are all reasons to begin re-vamping our home’s exteriors among so many others. While we can all be enticed by the constant change and design trends, ever evolving styles and personal tastes; there’s…

15 Interiors With Leopard Print Patterns

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Trendy design is everywhere you look. From fashion to interiors, technology and beyond– inspiration can be drawn from just about anything. One pattern that’s proved itself to be more and more timeless as the years go by is the always classic leopard print. While toile, florals, gingham and other patterns have withstood the test of time,…

Skylights: 22 Beautiful Naturally Lit Interiors

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Skylights can help to bring natural light into an otherwise dull, dark and drab space. If you have a home that is North or South facing, skylights can do wonders for the sunlight that could be flooding into your home. Instead of turning on lights all of the time, it can be helpful just to let…

Product Guide: 9 Fun Sticky Notes For Your Home Office

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When you’ve got an office space that’s all work and no play, things can get a little dull. If you’re stuck in a drab interior that isn’t quite ready for an update but needs just a little bit of freshening up, there are a few ways that you can spruce up the space without going overboard….

20 Beautiful Hanging Beds at Home

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Beds can be classified as the sanctuary of the home for so many. When you can make a bedroom all the more enticing– what better way than to suspend the bed from the ceiling? Hanging beds have been around since the early 17th and 18th centuries, and they’ve been seeing some resurgence in the past 5…

How To: 8 Starters To Design The Perfect Kitchen Island

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Remodels are one of the most stressful tasks to take on as a homeowner, either new or seasoned. But the honest truth is that a vast majority of homes will come with a little something that we all would want to change. For so many of us that includes the kitchen. While replacing cabinetry and appliances…