Sydney Story Factory’s Martian Embassy by LAVA Design

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A creative non-profit organization never looked so good. In collaboration with LAVA Design, the Sydney based space is a giant plywood ribbed center for creativity. It’s the latest and greatest ‘home’ to the Sydney Story Factory, where all creative types can come and write, listen and read stories of their own. There’s even a gift shop…

White Hot Austrian Office Space by Spado Architects

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Commercial spaces aren’t typically what you might see in this barren Austrian land. Spado Architects makes isolation look amazing, and their office design for this super private business makes it that much easier to get up and go to work every day in harsh winter conditions. BETONRING has a concept of a ring for a floor…

Pacific Place Shopping Mall by Heatherwick Studio

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Heatherwick Studio is the mastermind Design firm behind this re-vamped Hong Kong shopping mall called Pacific Place. It’s a four story shopper’s dream, with giant towers that are comprised of apartments, offices and hotel rooms galore. With a whopping total of almost 7 million square feet to be renovated and designed, the major goal for this…

Giolitti Gelato Colorful Concept by Nabito Architects

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If there’s one thing that tends to connect all diverse walks of life, it is food. Though we’ve all got different tastes and preferences for a creamy cup and a favorite flavor of gelato, it’s a pretty standard constant that sweet treats are universal. Giolitti Gelato has got a concept for a Turkish storefront, and the…

Stressless Lounge and Beauty Bar in Moscow

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Reis Design was the mastermind behind the Stressless Lounge and Beauty Bar in Moscow, where there’s a whole combination of wellness concepts tied into one space. By combining eating and relaxation zones a dark color palette and great lighting you’ve got a recipe for a perfect hour or two of de-stressing. Though stress seems to be…

Dexter Inspired Office Interior Is Lined With Plastic Sheeting

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With another season of Dexter quickly approaching, it seems appropriate to showcase an office that has ‘Dark Passenger’ written all over it. Architects Kotaro Horiuchi designed this space to be less of a kill room, and more of a productive working space with plastic sheeting. Called “Membrane in Stratum,” which is essentially a membrane within layers….

BMW’s MINI Pop-Up Shop In London

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Pop-Up shops continue to spring up everywhere and it seems as though London was the “it” place of the year due to the 2012 Summer Olympic games being held in the renowned city. BMW’s MINI brand even went so far as to set up shop in the ever popular spot, and Studio 38 designed the well…

Playful Headquarters of Yelp! by O+A Architecture

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Yelp’s interesting San Francisco headquarters is a visual feast for the eyes, designed by the Northern California based firm, O+A Architecture. While it may look a little out of sorts at first glance, Yelp’s redefined 60,000 square foot Victorian structure is strangely calm and unified. The walls are filled with colorful icons, interesting etchings on the…

Yayoi Kusama For Louis Vuitton Selfridges Storefront

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Yayoi Kusama is always seeing spots. She is the visionary behind the blank canvas turned colored dots installation in a Children’s Museum space, and now the artist has translated that to a very high end medium. Louis Vuitton. Now that fashion is gearing up for fall, storefront windows are changing and Kusama is behind the red…

Sonos Speakers Showroom in Los Angeles by RA-DA

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Sonos Studio is located in Los Angeles, California; and while the speaker brand is all about innovative sound technology and experience, so is their funky showroom. Designed by RA-DA, this studio space was built to have the same acoustic qualities as a recording studio. Various layouts were toyed with, and the interior space that exists now…