Shipping Container Office That Appears To Be Under Construction

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The allure and appeal of shipping containers is great, especially with the modularity of these reusable metal structures. Gifu, Japan is home to an office that is crafted of these containers in such a way that you can’t really be sure of whether they are coming, going, or already there to stay. The Sugoroku Office appears…

Amazing Office Campus of Google Dublin, Ireland

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Google has got to have some of the most creative offices in the world, and with each new space they never cease to amaze. The beautiful spread of this office designed by Camenzind Evolution happens over a series of four buildings. Google‘s main building on this campus heralds 14 floors– all with their own unique identity….

Original Mexico Home Turned Contemporary Cultural Library Center

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Mexico features some really creative companies and individuals, and Arquitectura 911sc and collaborator Fernanda Canales created a library concept around a former home without ruining the integrity of the building shell. From the start to finish, this project really embodies a way of working around some situations that aren’t always ideal in residential to public space…

Bark Studio Architects Noosa National Park Workspace

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Located in the Noosa National Park of Queensland, AU, is where Bark Studio Architects calls their workspace home. The small collective of architects work day in and day out in a gorgeous contemporary structure that sits within all of the amazing trees along the sloped groundwork. The studio accommodates an interesting type of live/work situation, and…

Contemporary Italian Winery Hidden in Bargino

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Wineries can be a great experience via design, or a subpar experience through the lack thereof. If ever you find yourself in the hills of Bargino, Italy, the Cantina Antinori Winery is a beautiful space to not only taste the wines but lounge and relax. With sprawling views of the Italian hillside, Archea Associati designed the…

Branch Studio Architects’ Shipping Container Studio Office

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At a mere 270 square feet, this awesome shipping container design for a studio office is nothing to scoff at. For just three partners in architecture, the space is small but placed in an unparalleled setting. Victoria, Australia is home to this tight knit and close working landscape and architect team. The interior isn’t completely squished–…

Pop Art Perfection: Roy Lichtenstein’s Greenwich Studio

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Creative spaces aren’t typically the most inspiring of structures, nor are the interiors ever the most magnificent things you’ve ever seen. But of course, if you’re talking about Greenwich Village and a pop art master– then the space has got to be inherently inspirational. The Caliper Studio preservation and slight renovation of the late artist’s studio…

Whimsical Pop Art Style Ad Agency Office in Amsterdam

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An old, grandeur department store from the 1800s had the revamping of its life when the JWT Ad Agency decided to move in. Located in a trendy up and coming area of Amsterdam, the space sits just above an Apple store in Leidse Square. While the shell is historic, the interior is a complete new school…

1,200 LEGO People: A Carefully Crafted Office Interior

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As if the LEGO brand weren’t already booming enough– from their reach in home storage, to expansive bridges far and wide, and even hotels;they are making a more subtle impact on interiors as well. And we aren’t just talking about the kind that your kids build with, either. Acrylicize specializes in acrylic features and their custom…

Beach Town Inspired Google Offices of Haifa

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The office design of companies such as Red Bull, Microsoft and Google are some of the most interesting to look at, and have the best overall thoroughness in design concept to completion. The larger budgets are likely helpful in creating a gorgeously inspirational space, and Google’s latest Haifa office is a great example by Setter Architects….