Historic Farmhouse Residence and Workspace

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Spaces that double between living and working are a great success in so many ways- with one being the delightfully simple connection between the two. Being able to walk across the way to get work done, or slip home for lunch has its perks– and the architecture of this space by Oppenheim Architecture is a beautifully…

DIY Warehouse Aesthetic of Pinterest in San Francisco

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Oh, Pinterest. This is the place where women spend insurmountable hours pinning, planning, liking and DIY’ing. Well, when you see their latest San Francisco digs, you’ll see that they spend their fair share of time also crafting to their heart’s desires. The headquarters space hosts a slew of gatherings in SF’s SoMA district, including “make-a-thons” where…

10,000 Plants Adorn London’s Giant Living Wall

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We all know that having more plants and more trees on our earth helps with the air quality, indoor/outdoor temperatures and health of the population. The Victoria area of London has caught onto the idea, and wanted to cut down on their flooding issues– so they have teamed up with Green Roof Consultancy and The Rubens…

Green Sky City Garden Parkroyal Hotel in Singapore

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Designed to be more than just your average Singapore hotel suites, this built space was conceived as office space mixed with hospitality for the ultimate green roofed garden and city garden experience. It is from the Parkroyal on Pickering that guests can enjoy a lush green view from the upper floors, and skyline views just beyond….

Hipster ‘Splash’ Laundromat by Frederic Perers

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A laundromat is one of those places that you really hate to go a vast majority of the time, with the exception being that you come away with all clean clothing. Every laundry facility that we’ve ever seen has been a drab space with horrible lighting and a very dismal vibe. Frederic Perers must have noticed…

Clean Simplicity of Evernote’s California Office

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If you’re familiar with the Evernote app, you’re well aware that its user interface is clean, intuitive and simply put. Their office translates just as well with a slightly eclectic combination of materials and plenty of color all without making anything over the top. Their seemingly mellow space by O+A Architecture in Redwood City, CA still…

Accidental Items in New York’s Hidden Elevator Museum

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New York is full of gems, both big and small. One of the latest and interesting spaces comes to us from three gentlemen who have taken all kinds of found (and left behind) objects to be compiled into an old elevator shaft. The non-profit space is hardly recognizable, even in broad daylight. The elevator shaft is…

Light and Bright Creative Design Studio

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Creative design studios can vary in their design appearance depending on style and purpose. This particular space in Fitzroy, Australia, happens to focus on the creative sector– so keeping somewhat of a clean slate is an important feature design wise. The conference room becomes the main focal point of the interior with a bold and neon…

Chilled Water Production From This Unique Ohio Building

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Architecture firm Ross Barney Inc. has been at the forefront of providing a solution for Ohio State University’s medical center with constant chilled water. While the project seemed to be something far off in the distance, RB Architecture found a way to craft it and make the building a beautiful sight all simultaneously. It’s all industry…

Dilapidated Shack Turned into Light Filtered Office

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An ode to the old industrial eras and time of Sydney, Australia. This tiny old ‘tinshed’ was nothing more than a run down shack that sat amidst a quaint neighborhood for years before Raffaello Rosselli got a hold of the project. Upon the reworking of this piece that was once an eyesore, the shed was disassembled…