Recycled Shipping Container Residence in Savannah Woods

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Shipping container homes offer up an economical and interesting space to live in on a budget and in style. Price Street Projects has created this residence for a young couple that’s filled with style on both the inside and out. It’s sleek and modern, unique and insightful, and best of all– it is situated in the…

Whimsical Gnome Parking Structure

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Parking is a daunting task in most any public locale, and parking garages tend to make things a bit worse. There’s the task of figuring out how each individual garage works, and successfully get down around and back up again. With this fabulous little gem created by Mei Architecten of the Netherlands, you can easily get…

Amazing 747 Airplane Parts Upcycled Into A Malibu Home

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Upcycling parts of homes, flooring, paned windows, and any parts that can be re-used elsewhere is such a beautiful thing. We love to see where things end up, especially in the case of this Malibu home that was crafted from salvaged airplane parts. The remnants of a Boeing 747-200 aircraft were purchased by architect David Hertz…

The Great Outdoors: Sou Fujimoto’s Outhouse

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There’s no place like the great outdoors, and there’s no telling just what you’ll find out in the open land. For Sou Fujimoto Architects, it seemed an easy spot to put a bathroom. A public bathroom at that. Located in a Chinese garden, there are restrooms available that are quite the opposite of any other public…

Six Unit Sustainable Shipping Container House

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Flagstaff, Arizona is where this multi-unit shipping container home is located and the end result of this student-designer collaboration couldn’t be any more interesting. Crafted completely of six shipping containers for a family to live in, the desert home features cool and clean materials along with large windows for the beautiful view and natural light factor….

Hangar Design Group’s Prefabricated Shed Homes

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Anything mobile and prefabricated is a great start when you’re talking about small space living. With Hangar Design Group’s latest creation in the architecture world, these homes are a stylish solution for a world of constant evolution, a regular change of scenery and more. The Italian company creates all kinds of products, projects and even home…

Holland Designed Home by Min2 Architects

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Designing your dream home from the bottom up is something that most people don’t ever get to do in a lifetime. For architect couple of Min2 Architects, this husband and wife spent their years creating the perfect residences for others and recently had the opportunity to be their own clients. Located in Bergen, Holland, their home…

Multi-Terraced Home in Casavella

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Cobble stone streets and contemporary architecture are what make this mixture so wonderful. Having a unique combination of styles and a one of a kind interior space can be a rarity, but this home in the region Girona is a perfect ten. It may look like any other ordinary home from the beautiful exterior, but the…

A Small Kitchen Extension For a French Home

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Home additions aren’t always the easiest accomplishment in the terms of remodels, but this particular extension on a small home in France looks as if it went along more smoothly than one would assume. With the original spot not incurring much of a change for the remodel, the area affected on the interior was minimal. The…

Labor of Love: Exquisite $9.9 Million Mediterranean Mansion

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There’s nothing quite like an awe inspiring piece of architecture accompanied by a beautiful landscape and this Florida home has that whole package. A Mediterranean style home with some Moorish influences is what this space is all about, and with 5 bedrooms and 5 full bathrooms (plus four half baths!) there is a whole lot of…