Tiny Off The Grid Home Has it All

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Wisconsin homes aren’t typically thought of as small, green shipping container spaces that are off the grid. But this particular home fits the bill for all of the above, and even has a little dipping pool to boot. This residence has a combination of shipping container, solar and OSB boards on an elevated platform along with…

Beautiful Balcony House by Acero

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Anytime we see or hear the word ‘Acero‘ we are already impressed. This Madrid firm’s quality of creative and contemporary work is unsurpassed, and with a home titled ‘balcony’ we knew it was right up our alley. The facade of this space is similar to the Los Angeles Disney Concert Hall with a more understated elegance….

Moor House Design by Andrew Maynard

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Andrew Maynard‘s designs are classically anything but ordinary, and from the Tattoo House to the other creations he has come up with to existing and new homes– Maynard’s talents are unmatched. The ‘Moor House’ in Australia is another one of those interesting feats, with a traditional Victorian Row House edited in the back to be a…

Contemporary Brick Barn House in Milano

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Italy’s gorgeous rolling hills and beautifully dispersed homes are some of the most awe inspiring parts of the Milan countryside. This particular ‘Val Tidone’ home by Park Associati is a creation that comes from the old school barn homes that are so common these days, and made into a contemporary masterpiece. Huge ceilings, rustic accents and…

Sleek Corner Bungalow in Singapore

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Bungalow homes are a beautiful choice for dwelling when given the option, especially in a country such as Singapore. This particular home designed by a_collective is the perfect showcase of the contemporary architectural style, their wonderful use of materials and a perfect filtration of natural light. The L-shape floor plan of the home is perfect for…

Puzzle Piece Home For Haiti Assembles in 5 Hours

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Emergency architecture has been a hot topic as of late, and with all of the natural disasters we’ve been seeing in the past 5 to 10 years– we can’t blame anyone for exploring it. Dutch architect Pieter Stoutjesdijk created a simple, albeit beautiful residence for the victims of Haiti out of laser cut fiber board. the…

Thousands of Human Bones Adorn Kaplica Czaszek

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Chapel design isn’t normally a topic that’s covered in design school, but we’re assuming that a macabre sort of application wouldn’t be the ideal standard for a place of worship. For Kaplica Czaszek in Poland, that just so happens to be the look they were going for. There are thousands upon thousands of bones and human…

Swiss Village Duplex by LOCALARCHITECTURE

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Homes that are typically built as duplexes, fourplexes and so on don’t have much personality or ‘design’ to them. Unless you’ve got LOCALARCHITECTURE on the project– they’ll be sure to inject some interesting architecture into what would otherwise be another bland set of homes. This particular duplex is a beautiful space that has all of the…

Narrow Lot Home in Venice Beach

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This creative home by David Hertz & Studio of Environmental Architecture was crafted with a labor of love that consisted of a home that did not require any interior load bearing walls. As a result, the exterior facade and walls were built at a slight angle, and the span is mainly made of clear material that…

Stunning Chilean Beach Home

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Architects Alvaro Ramirez and Clarisa Elton created a contemporary beach house style abode in the beachy city of Buchupureo, Chile. It’s a two piece structure that sits just off of a hillside looking down into the crashing ocean waves. The home is small, yet features breathtaking panoramic Pacific Ocean views and an indoor/outdoor mixture that can’t…