Singapore Open Air Rattan House

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Guz Architects are responsible for creating some of our favorite contemporary homes around. When you involve their innate sense of outdoors, contemporary style and thoughtfulness to detailed design– you can truly appreciate all of the projects in their portfolio. The ‘Rattan House’ is one that we love for its open and airy vibes, as well as…

Contemporary Italian Residence

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Italy has a rustic yet modern sense about it. This home by Davide Volpe Architetto showcases the historic beauty of the country but the interior highlights modern design aesthetic that is synonymous with Italian furniture. Titled ‘Casa Riemersa’ this home was renovated and an outdoor area transformed into a pool. Though the brick exterior is reminiscent…

Contemporary Ga On Jai Home in South Korea

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South Korea‘s architecture can be a bit unconventional, but this home is a step above the rest. IROJE KHM Architects created this courtyard based residence after tearing down the former home and the end result is almost space age looking. The home takes up the entire site, with an internal courtyard providing the necessary outdoor areas….

Square Normandy Home by Beckmann N’Thépé

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Normandy, France, is known for the coastal vibes and beautiful greenery. This particular space almost detracts from the beauty of the surrounding nature with its dark and boxy appeal. Architects Beckmann N’Thépé created the home as a vacation spot for a family that functions just like a regular dwelling. The exterior facade is simple and clean,…

Contemporary Japanese House H

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A small home in Japan makes up for its lack of square footage with a unique architectural angle. The residence itself is built by Hiroyuki Shinozaki Architects and design centered around the kitchen. With this area being a main focal point, there are wooden angled ceilings that make up for the initial lack of color and…

São Paulo Colorful Contemporary Home

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Brazil is home to bold colors, Carnival, plenty of rooted culture and creative design. With the more sophisticated and contemporary designer Fernanda Marques at the helm of the ‘Limantos Residence’ you can expect to easily fall in love with the casual excitement that the interior spaces of this large home provides. Almost a museum like effect…

Beautiful Use of Runoff Water in Natural Built Office

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India may not be the most proficient countries in terms of technological advancements– but the people sure are intelligent, and resourceful. Manasaram Architects created the Bamboo Symphony office building out of natural materials in Bangalore, India. For a small office that looks like a sustainable home, this place looks like a serene dream to work out…

Massive and Flexible Home Layout in Australia

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Contemporary home design can be a beautiful display of art in itself, and this home doesn’t disappoint. Bagnato Architects showcases a regal design with this single level spread in Australia, and the end result is a stunning showcase of functional space. Beyond just a functional layout, this home showcases beautiful lines and luxe materials within the…

Downsizing in a Tiny Trailer Home at 100 Square Feet

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Having less than 200 square feet is less than ideal for most, and this particular space is a deal for anyone that’s got some extra square footage to spare. Located on a trailer, Beth Ann Norrgard has created a trailer that’s got less than 200 square feet to spare in a single sitting. This space has…

188 Square Foot IKEA Flat Pack Refuge

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Temporary shelters are being seen more and more as natural disasters hit and creative design hits the mark for structures that are not just for a single family, but will make an impact for a larger group of people. These flat packed refuge shelters are a creative way for Ikea to get families the protection they…