New Summit Swiss Alps Restaurant with an Aluminum Facade

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Restaurant designs can be all about the glitz and glamour, or they can be simple and straight to the point. But what if you’ve got a restaurant that accomplishes both of these? The New Summit Restaurant perched within the Swiss Alps is a prime example, showcasing beautiful and semi-prefab designs while still remaining breathtaking in a…

Historic 1920’s Berlin Pumping Station Conversion

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Wenk and Wiese Architects of Germany have been at the forefront of plenty of contemporary projects, but this one stands out to us the most. An old pumping station from the 1920’s in Berlin had been shut down and abandoned until a couple decided to renovate in the early 2000’s. Now, this space is home to…

Secret Canadian HemLoft Tree House

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There’s always a great interest in the places that aren’t found, or the little gems that are lesser known. The HemLoft is a sweet oval shaped treehouse that is built within the branches of some Canadian trees on a piece of property that was not approved or known about for years. Built by Joel Allen in…

Raw Buenos Aires Contemporary Concrete Home

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Exceptional architecture is what this home is all about, and located in the South American country of Buenos Aires, you can see the sleek design characteristics from a mile away. Labeled as the ‘Summer House,’ this home exudes a rustic feel, even though the new construction is minimal and as contemporary as they come. Having a…

Tiny Guest Space Cottage on Lake George, NY

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Having house guests isn’t always the highlight of having out-of-towners come to stay, but if you’ve got a special little spot for them it can be great. For this New York family, adding a little guest studio to their Lake George property made the most sense to accommodate those that are just visiting. Architect Jeffrey S….

Suburban ‘Case’ House in Japan

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Jun Igarashi Architects created a beautiful contemporary residence that’s simple in form on the exterior, but has plenty of design elements on the inside. A stone facade starts with small slivers and works its way up to larger slices of stone to evoke a more prominent, larger feel. The interior is even more unsuspecting, with a…

Japanese Exterior Elevator Garage

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Architect Kenji Yanagawa had a challenge when creating this home in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. It wasn’t your typical home with owners that wanted windows specifically facing north or south, or even size requirements for particular areas. Instead, it was the inability to create a traditional garage that made for an interesting concept. The end result? A…

Sustainable Wood Home on Great Barrier Island

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Sustainable design is important everywhere, but Crosson Clarke Carnachan Architects took sustainability upon themselves with this Great Barrier home. Located on Great Barrier Island– just off the coast of New Zealand, this contemporary built residence also focuses on outdoor living as a main source of entertaining and daily life. Situated right in the midst of nature,…

Modern Diamond House Design

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Formwerkz Architects typically create homes with a modern aesthetic and a charming appeal, and this home is no exception. Their ‘Diamond House’ showcases a unique shape and multiple facets in a dark color palette. Iron wood and reflective glass make up the fun of finishes on the outside, while the inside showcases rich wood tones and…

Sweet Little Austrian Vacation Spot on Stilts

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There aren’t too many vacation spots that can be as environmentally conscious as this one. In Austria is this tiny residence titled ‘House Ufogel‘ that showcases a unique design and sits on stilts and is situated to appear as if it is laying on its side. The peak where the roof would typically be is almost…