Inspiring Hackney Children’s Story Writer Shed

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Writers have the innate ability to create. For a particular children’s story writer in East Hackney, London, a space needed to be made that was inspiring in itself. WSD Architecture took on the task, and crafted a beautiful out-back shed that is contemporary, whimsical and downright cozy to illustrate and write. This brand new workspace resides…

Timeless Treehouse Architecture in Vail, Colorado

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Colorado is the glorious state that it is because of its affinity for the outdoors, all of the activities that are available year round, and the scenery that promotes it all. Missy Brown Architecture and Design promotes the nature loving lifestyle by adding treehouses to their repertoire. There’s one in particular that stands out in the…

Curved Contemporary Victorian Timber Home

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There’s something to be said about mixing and melding different periods and eras of architecture, and we think that combining Victorian pieces with a more modern approach is a beautiful expression of the art in architecture. Scott Architects achieved greatness with this sweet little ‘De Beauvior Road’ residence of the Hackney, London area. An extension of…

Turkish Titanium Loft by the Ocean

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Contemporary architecture projects tend to appeal to a certain crowd, but it’s difficult to not appreciate this one. Created by ‘Lodge T Life Privilege,’ the Titanium Loft is an interesting multi-use structure with an exterior that showcases the beauty in the lines of the built space. The entire construction focuses mainly on glazing on all sides…

Contemporary Chicken House in Bangkok

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Thailand is known for having so many connections to nature, embracing the climate and surroundings. This particular home called the ‘Chicken House’ was created by Studio Krubka Co. and showcases plenty of exposed edges in its construction as well as a blend of raw materials. The multi-level home has an interesting structure to it, with a…

Recycled Timber Tree House Is Accessible by Wheelchair

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There’s no denying that treehouses are super cool. Even if you’re a kid or an adult in a wheelchair, you still would love to have the experience of being up in one for some period of time. 6a Architects of London designed a tree home space that is wheelchair accessible, or otherwise known as ‘ADA compliant’…

Bay Village Green Roof Residence

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Robert Maschke Architects of Ohio have some contemporary gems up their sleeves, and this Bay Village residence titled ‘Brahler Residence’ is a stunning sight of green design and LEED inspired architecture. What was an existing cottage style home has been transformed into a contemporary work of art that features plenty of natural light and beautiful materials….

Geometric ‘Noa’ Garden House Design

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Creating a prefabricated structure is an interesting task on its own, but the beauty of it all is that you can go anywhere, build on any site and the overall space can be used for whatever one can dream up. The ‘Noa’ cabin is just that, and its outstanding architectural features are just the beginning of…

Uniquely Split Norwegian Cabin Plan

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Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter has had plenty of creative experience planning interesting architectural spaces, but this split mountain home in Norway is a beautiful addition to the portfolio. A mountain lodge of this stature isn’t particularly overwhelming, but the simplistic nature of the exterior and interior make for a wonderful experience. A rich pine knotted wood covers…

Shadow Desert House in All Black

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An all black house is a relatively rare occurrence as it is, but this residence in the desert makes the dark painted facade look all the more enticing. Located in the California desert of Yucca Valley at the peak of a hill, there is hardly anything around this lone home. The site was excavated and planned…