Contemporary Moscow Home Re-Design

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There are times when a home just needs a bit of updating, and for this 1990′s shell of a home in Moscow– it was about time for a major overhaul. 4a Architekten took this project by the horns and created a uniquely contemporary home that has an updated personality all its own. Seemingly asian in its…

Beautiful Contemporary Calabasas ‘Lima’ Residence

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California based Abramson Teiger Architects are no stranger to contemporary designs, and this 4,500 square foot Calabasas home is no exception. The compound is a simple and linear space that beams with varied colors, materials and directional forms on the exterior; and plenty of creativity is used within the thoughtfully carved rooms. Folding walls, lift up…

Phuket’s Tropical Oasis: Villa Yin

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If you’re looking for a dream oasis to spend some time taking a break from the rest of the world, Villa Yin in Phuket, Thailand is likely the answer. A four bedroom spread over multiple levels of contemporary architecture and plenty of contemporary furnishings make for a leisurely stay without having to bump into your bunkmates….

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Gem on The Market: Storer House

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Another day, another gorgeous home up for sale. Frank Lloyd Wright is the architect behind so many classic homes across the United States, and now one of his Textile Block homes is on the market for just under $7 Million. The John B. Storer House is located in Los Angeles and features the classic FLW lines…

Potlatch River Residence by Paul F. Hirzel

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Idaho isn’t your typical spot for a vineyard, but an old plot of land on the edge of the Potlach River is the spot where a steel framed home stands out over the edge of what’s considered ‘typical’ for this area. Paul F. Hirzel’s built space includes two structures, that were made to endure the major…

Small Self-Constructed Window Pavilion

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Pavilions for living are a wonderful idea, especially if there’s a small space or lot at hand, and there’s a need for a shelter. In a similar fashion to the window home out in the open trees of a rural US West Virginia area, this little pavilion tells a story. From The creative folks at Bureau…

6 Week Project Turns To Thai Dome House

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Explorer and traveler Steve Areen has seen much of the world in his nomadic lifestyle, but his latest adventures have put him at rest in Thailand where he built a home built out of natural materials. With the help of some locals and friends, Areen laid out some roots with compressed earth blocks eventually making up…

Watertower II by Tom Fruin at Brooklyn Bridge Park

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Contemporary artist Tom Fruin has created so many interesting works of art that are all independent of one another. He does, however, have a series of sculpture-esque creations that all have stained glass in common. One of these happens to be titled “Watertower II” and was on display at the Brooklyn Bridge Park earlier this year….

1920′s NOLA Garden Church Transformation

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Converted churches seem to be popping up like traditional routes of religion are going out of style, and this New Orleans 1927 built church has been renovated to create a main residence and three apartment units in the NOLA garden area. While much of this home is contemporary in the art and furnishings inside, each space…

Boiler Residence by Lean Arch Inc.

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Los Angeles based Lean Architects were commissioned to renovate an existing 34th Street residence into a contemporary, multi-story gem of a home in New York’s Manhattan area. From the front, this home is seemingly unassuming– but once inside, it’s a breathtaking contemporary masterpiece. With the main goals being to really restore the architectural beauty of the…