Beautiful Tea House with Tree Built Through Balcony in Shanghai, China

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If there’s one well appointed space that plays off of the structure and surrounding nature itself, it has got to be the Tea House by Archi-Union Architects. The Shanghai based tea house is a contemporary dream come true while still maintaining green roots– all while keeping a tree and its location intact. Roughly 3,200 square feet,…

Contemporary Head Road 1843 South African Residence Overlooking Atlantic Ocean

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South Africa has been popping up the radar several times over the past few weeks, showcasing some of the most exquisite homes within the contemporary and modern categories we have ever come across. It looks like the region has many more stunning homes in its arsenal as we take a closer look at Head Road 1843….

Cozy Fidalga 727 Duplex Apartment in Brazil by Sub Estudio

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As we head into the weekend, we knew we would have to take at least one trip out to Brazil in search of the most beautiful homes around the world. It looks like we found what we were looking for in the beautiful Fidalga 727 Residence. Located in the Pinheiros district in western São Paulo, Brazil,…

Whimsical Modern House in the Garden in Dallas, Texas

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If your idea of the perfect home is to be embedded into a beautiful garden, then you will absolutely love this stunning residence designed by the Texas based team at Cunningham Architects in collaboration with the team at Hocker Design Group. This beautifully crafted dwelling is located in Dallas, Texas, USA an does an incredible job…

Magnificent Glass Facade Aboo Makhado Residence in South Africa

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South Africa is known for their stunning contemporary architecture. Check out one of our favorite in the beautiful Spa House. The region certainly lived up to their name with the incredible House Aboobaker. The 5,317 square feet, multi level residence is located in Limpopo, South Africa and was designed by the team at Nico van der…

Private Contemporary Residence with Breathtaking Open Courtyard in Vietnam

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It’s not too often that we venture to Vietnam in search of beautifully designed homes, but we certainly should after seeing this absolutely stunning private residence located in the Go Vap District of Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. The single family, contemporary residence was designed by the Vietnamese architecture firm at MM++ Architects.  The two…

The Gorgeous Royal Penthouse II Residence in New South Wales, Australia

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The Australian design team at Coco Republic Interior Design recently completed a penthouse residence that is fit for a king. The beautifully designed interior of this three bedroom penthouse apartment resides in New Castle within New South Wales, Australia. The team took roughly 5 months to complete the entire project, and used a mixture of soft…

Ultra Tiny Hus-1 House in Sweden by Torsten Ottesjo

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Over the past few weeks we have seen a massive popularity spike in “small space” architecture and design. It seems that design and architecture firms are starting to really think outside the box, creating projects that are targeted toward the minimalist consumer. The latest project to come across our desks is this beautiful Hus-1 Residence. The…

Impeccable $29 Million Carpinteria Beachfront Residence

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Located right on the beach in Carpinteria along the beautiful California coast is this impeccable beach house. Although it doesn’t quite rival the recently viewed Slaughterhouse Beach House in Hawaii, it is certainly a spectacle in its own right. This massive home spans just under 6,000 square feet, and was originally built back in 1979. The…

Breathtaking Slaughterhouse Beach House in Maui, Hawaii by Olson Kundig Architects

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The design team at Olson Kundig Architects is responsible for creating some of the most incredible projects including the Chicken Point Cabin, Delta Shelter, and the beautiful Pierre House just to name a few. Featured here is yet another stunning project in the Slaughterhouse Beach House. Located in the heart of paradise, otherwise known as Hawaii,…