Perfect Real Rock Key Holder

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Perfect Real Rock Key Holder

Keys hidden at home aren’t always the safest bet, especially if you’re known for hanging out past the midnight hour. This particular key holder is crafted from an actual rock that allows for some extra storage that’s been proven with the test of time at a hidden spot somewhere around the back door. At times, a realistic rock is all you can do to keep yourself from giving a stranger a key– and this particular storage method is a great idea to keep intruders out.

Keeping those in the business of home selling and buying for adorning their homes with great safety and additions of home decor, this particular rock allows for home owners to have a few forgetful nights. The rock has a hollowed out spot for keys to live and additional items to be stored if necessary. As if appearing as a real rock wasn’t enough, this particular prop makes for a great piece to add at home. [Purchase]

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