Magical Chandelier Christmas Tree

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Magical Chandelier Christmas Tree

If you’re a procrastinator by nature like us, you may still be finding time to get a Christmas tree. While pickings may be slim this late in the game, you can certainly make a creation that’s all your own. This particular little gem By Mary is a beautiful display of creativity and the perfect addition to glam up any room in the home.

Instead of a traditional tree, folks everywhere are coming up with some inventive ways to make the holiday season their own. This one just so happens to be stacked chandeliers with some greenery in between. With light fixtures that are stacked onto wood blocks and range in tapered sizes, this unconventional tree is our favorite one thus far. And the design doesn’t stop there. There are accessories, trinkets and other whimsical pieces used to make this ‘tree’ a beautiful work of art in this home.

This would be great to see in the home of the chandelier house in Los Angeles, continuing the lighting theme from the outside in.

Magical Chandelier Christmas Tree (2)

Magical Chandelier Christmas Tree (1)

Photos: Trisha Zemp via The House That Lars Built

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