InstantSlide Modular House Solution

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InstantSlide Modular House Solution

JAYZ Building Solutions has a solution not strictly with thought of emergency shelter in mind, but for those who work remotely and end up traveling with family for their jobs. Though there are hotels and other answers for those who travel all of the time, these homes can house 2 to 4 people and are an interesting solution for those in need.

This super prefabricated home can be assembled on-site in less than a minute by the easy push of a button. The home has all of the regular comforts of residences that are not so portable, with a kitchen, AC, hot water, wiring for TV, internet and phones. The automatic assembly is a great way to keep things easy to transport, move and set up when you’ve got a family to cater to, job to get done, and less time than ever to get set up in today’s working world.

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