Geometric DIY Rabbit Paper Lantern

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Geometric DIY Rabbit Paper Lantern

There are endless amounts of things that can be DIY’d around the house– from furniture to laundry detergents, fix-its for anything and more. But when it comes to lighting design, not everyone is willing to take a chance with electrical wires and lighting.

This is the perfect baby step to crafting the ultimate chandelier, and half of the work is already done for you. The rabbit paper lantern is a sweet little face shaped pattern that comes flat printed and packed on thick, heavy paper from Vienna Austria all the way to you. Aside from not touching the paper with a bulb, this template is just that– so don’t expect a bulb and cord; that’s all up to you.

There are more animal shaped heads on the Etsy store, and if the lighting experiment doesn’t work out, there’s always the ability to use as a mask.

Geometric DIY Rabbit Paper Lantern (2)

Geometric DIY Rabbit Paper Lantern (1)

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