Tiny ‘Yestermorrow’ Home Yields 220 Square Feet

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Tiny 'Yestermorrow' Home Yields 220 Square Feet

Yestermorrow’s design/build school is a great way for students to gain both learn and activity knowledge, and this tiny little home that’s only 220 square feet showcases just how efficient small space living can be. The students of Yestermorrow came up with a great solution for just about everything in this small spot, making it feel like a normal floor plan with plenty of room.

While most would scoff at the mere 220 square feet this space provides, people are really catching on to this smaller scaled way of life and looking into ways of downsizing their own lives. From techniques and space saving ways we’ve seen before, to incorporating some interesting elements– such as the above sink drying racks, this miniature home is an inspiration to all of us.

Would you be open to living in a home like this? Would your lifestyle allow for it?

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