The Great Outdoors: Sou Fujimoto’s Outhouse

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The Great Outdoors Sou Fujimoto's Outhouse

There’s no place like the great outdoors, and there’s no telling just what you’ll find out in the open land. For Sou Fujimoto Architects, it seemed an easy spot to put a bathroom. A public bathroom at that. Located in a Chinese garden, there are restrooms available that are quite the opposite of any other public ladies’ rooms.

The Fujimoto designed space is huge and open, with a large wood fence surrounding the ‘secret’ garden and a glass enclosed toilet. Though this isn’t typically what you’d expect when paying a visit to serene Ichihara gardens, it’s certainly a unique perspective and change of pace from the normal utilitarian public water closets around the globe.

There are two units on the premises, one primed for unisex and the disabled– and the other is reserved for women only. Offering up a toilet, small sink and mirror this space is anything but what we would call private. Though it’s enclosed and offers a great view when duty calls,it still leaves the feeling of vulnerability from almost any angle in the clear glass box.

The Great Outdoors Sou Fujimoto's Outhouse (2)

The Great Outdoors Sou Fujimoto's Outhouse (1)

Photos: Iwan Baan via DesignBoom

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