Brick Barn Home by Maxwan

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Brick Barn Home by Maxwan

There’s nothing sweeter than a little residence that once had another life and has a back story that really fits the architectural bones of the space. This particular home was once a barn and has been converted into this lofty brick home by Maxwan Architects.

House G showcases all kinds of clean and crisp finishes adorn this home that showcases old wood beams and high pitched ceilings paired with concrete flooring and arched windows. The lower level has a design based around function, with a majority of the large pieces on industrial style casters. The kitchen island and dining table can shift around the large open space to make other arrangements in the minimalist home.

A mezzanine area allows for more stationary furniture to be placed and overlook the rest of the space. An interesting styled staircase looks to be both suspended and floating to make a statement in the already small space. White walls accentuate the timber style beams and ceiling supports to give this home some extra height and dimension. This is home in Geldermalsen, Netherlands is somewhere we wouldn’t mind cozying up in.

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