Product Guide: 7 Usefully Simple Floating Desks

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Product Guide 7 Usefully Simple Floating Desks (8)

Having an additional room for an office isn’t really feasible when you’ve got a small space to live in or share with others like many families around the world too. While it’s nice to have a dedicated space to work, it’s also great to just have a temporary solution that doesn’t take a whole lot of effort or encouragement to sit for hours at a time.

Floating desks are a great option to really add in some extra style and design without a whole lot of furniture pieces, and there’s plenty of selection when it comes to pulling together a look that works for you. If square footage is an issue– these desks will take all of your stresses away. Just pull up a chair from your dining area when you’re ready to pay bills or write that thank you note and simply hide it all once finished.

See 7 of our favorite options for wall mounted floating desks below.

Product Guide 7 Usefully Simple Floating Desks

1. Deskbox

A perfect desking solution for those who work at home and like to close it all up and put their work to bed when the day is over. This clever design piece simply slides out and reveals an inner storage space for a laptop or work materials that can easily be stored out of sight. [Purchase]

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2. Prepac Floating Desk with Storage

Floating desks tend to be very sparse and minimal. With this unique design, users can fill up display shelves with favorites or keep all office related items in a single spot for easy access in a small space. [Purchase White|Espresso]

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3. Woodwaves Wall Mounted Desk

Quality, exotic woods can be a tough thing to spot out when looking for great furniture online. And if you’re on the hunt for a larger floating desk than the norm, this work space was made for you. This piece comes standard with storage and a keyboard tray to store your laptop on if need be. [Purchase]

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4. Fold Out Convertible Laptop Desk

Not exactly floating at all times, but this unique little desk stores up like a medicine cabinet when not in use, and when needed– it’s like a simple murphy bed. Unhook the latch and the front panel becomes a support for a touchdown spot at home. [Purchase]

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5. The Ledge by Urbancase

A seriously quality desk is crafted from solid walnut wood with pull out work station capabilities. Not only are there multiple storage and organization areas inside, but a flush mounted pencil tray and routed out slit in the back allow for a cord drop and some ingenious techniques for keeping wires and clutter at bay. [Purchase]

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6. Minimal Wall Desk in Walnut Satin Finish

A luxury vehicle of the floating desk world, this piece of simple furniture showcases a curved facade that’s crafted from multiple plywood sheets in order to have the slight bend. An inconspicuous pull out tray keeps anything that may be stored out of sight when not in use. [Purchase]

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7. MASHstudios Wall Mounted Desk

Similar to some items we’ve seen at Ikea, this desk is a great and simple piece that offers up nice, quality construction with solid walnut and white powder coated aluminum for a contemporary finish without all of the hassle. [Purchase]

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