Product Guide: 5 Nifty Sporks To Travel With

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Product Guide 5 Nifty Sporks To Travel With

Prepping food for on the go can be a tricky task to tackle if there’s going to be multiple meals involved, and even luggage that’s space prohibitive. But, where there’s a will– there’s a way, and utensils can be downsized just like so many other bulky tupperware items and travel containers.

We’ve found that the popularity of “sporks” is coming back (and that they’re much more useful than we remember!). Now with technology in design and online shopping, there are all kinds of sporks to choose from. Certainly see what works best for your lifestyle and what would make the best travel companion for when it’s time to dive in to your meal of choice, but start by perusing our 5 top picks below.

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1. Eco-Friendly Stainless Steel Spork

This travel sized spork is a great, all encompassing piece that you can reuse time and time again. The stainless steel construction allows for virtually indestructible storage with a 3.25″ overall length. These sporks come in a package of 4, or are sold separately for those who only need one. [Purchase]

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2. Bambu Veneerware Sporks

Depending on your intended usage, these bamboo based veneer sporks may be the perfect solution. Intended for single use and coming in a pack of 20, these are slightly larger (at 3.5″) and are crafted of renewable materials. [Purchase]

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3. Light My Fire BPA Free Spork

Now this is not only a spork, but it is a 3-in-1; spoon, fork, and even a knife combo. The Tritan made material comes in a package of 4 to allow for safe keeping of a few extras– or those who always need a fresh set of utensils. [Purchase]

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4. MoMA Stainless Steel Ramen Spoon/Fork

What more needs to be said when it is a product of MoMA? This spork has been made previously for the Sugakiya ramen noodle restaurant in Japan. It perfectly ladles up soup broth while still allowing for the noodles to be pursued. [Purchase]

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5. Spork Chops

Not quite a one piece spork that you’re used to seeing, but these chopsticks have one end converted into a small two tine fork and miniature spoon for easy conversion from sushi to anything else that you may have on your plate. [Purchase]

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