How To: Craft A Stylish DIY Wood Pallet Dresser

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How To Craft A Stylish DIY Wood Pallet Dresser

Crafting pallet furniture is as easy as you want it to be. The wood pallets that are used as such durable, versatile shipping bases just so happen to be great dimensions for furniture projects. With the amount of waste that’s produced from shipping pallets alone each year, we should all be creating furniture out of these easy to break down units.

While tables, seating and wine racks are easy enough to figure out on your own, we came across this beautifully crafted and open dresser that’s got an eclectic and rustic edge to it. It’s a bit more involved than just stacking your standard pallets and screwing them together but we’ve got the how to’s for you to re-create this DIY-chic look for yourself.

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1.Grab your materials.

Gather the amount of pallets you want to create the height that’s desired. For this “standard” sized dresser, 3 pallets were cut in half and then stacked together to create an open shelf type of look. You’ll also need some wood stain, brackets, sandpaper and baskets to use in the cubby holes.

2. Add Brackets.

Use various metal brackets from your local hardware store to attach all of the pieces together. You can even reinforce some of the already standing dividing boards with brackets to add some extra detail and dimension.

3. Get sanding.

Sand the pallets all over to create a smooth surface for a picture perfect finish. Add your primer, sand again and then add a wood finishing stain to bring out the natural grain and veining in the wood planks.

4. Let it Cure.

Allow your new furniture piece some ample time to dry before moving it to its desired location. Analyze the product and determine if you want to add a coat or two more of the wood stain. Once you’re ready, dress up the surface and accessorize for the space before adding your very last elements of design.

5. Add baskets.

Go to your local Target, Container Store, Michaels or Hobby Lobby to see what baskets are out there to finalize your overall feel. Plug the baskets into their appropriate sized slots, fill them up with your goods and voila! You’ve got the perfect DIY accent for your room.

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See all of the steps in detail with photos via: Too Much Time

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