Unique Indoor ‘Treehouse’ For A Kid’s Hideout

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Unique Indoor 'Treehouse' For A Kid's Hideout

Children are all alike in the fact that they want a space of their own to hide out and get away from it all whenever they please. When an elaborate treehouse isn’t a viable option, outside the box thinking is required to create that quiet space where a kid’s imagination can run wild.

For a family of four in Rhode Island, a small nook within the upper portion of their home’s hallway was all it took. There was some unused attic space in the overhead area in the hall that was able to be notched out and filled with cushions, blankets, pillows and books. The entire space was turned into a reading type nook for two young ones, and only accessible by ladder when the time is right. The ladder is stored on the wall nearby, so when the mood strikes it is easy to get up and down.

Via: Apartment Therapy

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