How To: 5 Easy DIY Steps To Craft Your Own Penny Flooring At Home

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How To 5 Easy DIY Steps To Craft Your Own Penny Flooring At Home

Money makes the world go ’round, and home improvement projects can tend to be on the pricier side of things to spend your time doing. If there’s one thing we’ve noticed, it’s that the accumulation of spare cents happens to just sit around in old jars, at the bottom of purses and laying out for the cat to bat around.

How awesome would it be if you could DIY your very own flooring with leftover pennies from previous outings? Make a new floor at a very cost effective price point. For the ballpark of $2 per square foot– you can dramatically increase the look of your interior. We’ve got some detailed instructions on how you can create copper flooring of your own to enjoy every day at a low cost. It can be as intricate or as simple as you’d like it to be.

1. Plan ahead.

First thing’s first. Select a method of which you would like to use to apply your pennies to the base in your home. This can also be dependent on how large your area is and how much time you have to invest. You can apply directly to the floor– or, get some mesh sheets to apply the pennies to and then lay down the sheets before moving along with the rest of the labor intensive process.We like E6000 glue for its super adherent abilities on just about anything!
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2. Gather supplies.

Of course, you’ll need tools and supplies to get this project underway. Aside from the number of pennies you’ll need, you will need some super strong glue and a method for application. If you want to add grout at the end or fill it with a clear epoxy that is up to you– the possibilities are endless!
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3. Choose a starting point.

This can seem daunting if you’re looking to cover a large section, intricate pattern or entire room. We would recommend either beginning at an entry point to a room so that you can ensure all pennies will line up straight along the threshold. Or, go for a corner and start working your way outward as you have the time.
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4. Begin your application.

Again, we’ve seen multiple methods used for glue application. You can add a small dot to each penny and stick it to the floor as one option. A great time saving option is to get a caulking gun to apply a hefty amount of glue and then spread evenly with a spackle knife to create a thin layer and lay multiple pennies at once. Obviously you’ll continue this tedious task until all pennies have been applied, and then let them set for a proper amount of time. At this point it would be best to grab some wine and turn the music up!
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5. Seal the deal.

Once all of your pennies are laid and glue is dry, add your grout or clear epoxy. Epoxy can be messy and more difficult to apply, but well worth the hassle. It’s a resin like clear coat that will allow your pennies to be sealed off and protected while still allowing their coppery sheen to come through. Grout is also a great choice for those who like a little more texture and grittiness to their overall appearance. One plus to grout is that is comes in all kinds of colors, so you’ve got the opportunity to tailor the metallic tones that show through from the floor. Follow the instructions on these thoroughly, as each product varies.

Once all is said and done, let everything set long enough (especially with epoxy) before planting your furniture back on it or walking across the floor like normal. I would say give it a couple of days or so just for good measure.

If you don’t want to attach pennies to your floor, head over to EPBOT for an in depth process on creating a desk entirely of pennies– clipping, bending and sealing them all up. And of course, this opens up so many ideas to your own creative penny ideas.

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