Living Inspiration: 15 Bold Patterned Sofas For The Home

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Living Inspiration 15 Bold Patterned Sofas For The Home

Seeing pattern placed in a room in your more traditional form of wallpaper, new age decals, paint or a few toss pillows can be so predictable. If with the summer time rolling in has you itching to try something new and exciting– go bold with the sofa.

Adding pattern to a sofa can be a scary thing, especially if the room is large and the furniture in it really takes full advantage of it. And if trends are more your style– chances are that you won’t be loving whatever pattern you chose in a year or maybe even a week from now. When pairing a mostly neutral room that just has art and minimal findings to focus on, patterns can really bring a room together and help to fill in space instead of buying all kinds of knick-knacks.

See some of our favorite patterned sofas below.

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