How To: 5 Tips To Stage Your Shelving For a Fresh Look

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Switching up style and looks in the home doesn’t always have to be a pricey thing. By just re-arranging some small items on shelves, in bookcases and taking a few pointers from some of your favorite magazines and images– you can re-create a look that’s photo shoot worthy!

While books obviously have their place on the shelves, they can be arranged within a plethora of collections as well, so as not to create such a heavy and stuffy look just filled with whatever reading material you store. If you’ve converted your library to an e-reader or just don’t leave all of your books on display, organize yourself to make the most of your interior displays.

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1. Start with a blank slate. As with any organization project, unload the shelf or bookcase with whatever sits on it now to have a fresh perspective. Dust them off and take a look around the room to see what might inspire you for the styling to come. Grab your favorite magazines or head over to Pinterest for some inspiration and exploration of new ideas and approaches to design.
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2. Pick a color palette. If the room is already busy with colors and pattern, go with more neutral colors. If your room is more neutral and you’d like the items to really pop against the wall, go with something more bold. Even areas like the kitchen can benefit from bright hues and open shelves. Items like pewter and silver are a great classic look when matched with sleek black and white accents. Patterns are of course a great source of inspiration and are great to mix for a well tailored, layered look.
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3. Gather your items. If you’ve got a special collection of things to display in a particular area, gather them all and any item related that might be a great complement when displayed. Mix and match any books that are special– anything that tickles your fancy. Take the above man cave, for example. Though there aren’t any books or a ton of variety in the groupings; there is a constant theme throughout. If you don’t have a specific collection or theme to work with, just about any items will work. Just combine figurines with clocks, books, photos, vintage lamps; whatever the case, it can be interesting.
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4. Play with scale and height. Working within a different range of sizes of items allows for a more flexible arrangement. Shorter pieces can be given height with added books and boxes, while larger items can stand alone. Even a little object all alone paired with a big, bold image makes a statement. Utilizing objects such as mirrors is also helpful in creating illusions of depth and drama. Go even further with all of your senses to mix different patterns and textures in one group so that everything really grabs attention. Arrange in a way that doesn’t look contrived or fussy.
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5. Arrange in sections. If it seems like a daunting task to tackle an entire wall of shelving, a huge built in or a bunch of rooms throughout the home– just start small. sectioning things off into small, workable vignettes is the key to this. Once you get everything up, you can re-work groupings to your liking and then do it all over again. Breaking a long shelf into thirds our fourths can be great to create some symmetry even if your groups are not exactly alike (especially for those of us who are particular with symmetrical looks). If your space is already broken down into ‘cubby’ like spaces, just go one at a time.

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