How To: Give Your Bathroom A Home Spa Makeover

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The main bathroom in our homes can be a place for relaxation and clearing the mind after a taxing day, so having a space that reflects that visually can help to quickly put the mind at ease. For everyone in your household, the bathroom is an exemplary space of cleanliness. For many women, especially, the bathroom is a place of beauty and rejuvenation.

Enter into the spa bathroom. Whether or not the project scope includes a full scale renovation, or just implementing a few accessories– there’s a way for everyone to feel more like they’re away at the spa instead of in your own home bathroom.

1. Scent. Whatever scent you associate with relaxation, a certain location or memory– use that within your zen retreat to soak up whatever thoughts you have and let the mind drift away. Or go off of the “look” and “feel” of the bathroom to define its signature scent.
How To Give Your Bathroom A Home Spa Makeover (8)
2. Clean it up. Get all of the curling irons, nail files, deodorants and other items off of the countertops and organized either under the sink or in the medicine cabinet. Put useful items like q-tips and cotton balls into decorative jars on a free counter or shelf.

3. Add texture. a woven rug, thick cushy towel or a waffle knit curtain could be the answer to it all. Plus, if you’re not renovating entirely– it will certainly get your room feeling like a whole new space.

4. When in doubt, add candles. Dim lighting (or no lights) accompanied by candle light can be some of the most relaxing. If candles are available in the scent that you’d like to add to the room incorporate those as well for some additional aromas.

5. Invest in fixtures. Hardware can make a huge difference in the way you experience your shower, bath, or even washing your hands. Light fixtures also fall into this category, and the right lighting can help you look and feel your best.

6. Look to natural materials. Materials such as a natural stone, bamboo or teak can really have the space feeling like a luxury spa. Whether it’s an entire bamboo clad wall, or a teak bathmat; these can warm up your space inevitably.

7. Install your dream tub. When thinking of a spa– typically a large, sunken tub comes to mind. If this is within the budget, go tub shopping to pick out the one that speaks to your home spa dreams.

8. Storage. Storage space can be as obvious or as inconspicuous as you’d like it. Open shelving, built in units or floor to ceiling vanities are all different ways of storing your linens, beauty products and more.

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