How To: 7 Ways To Design With Bold Black Accents

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Decorating with black doesn’t always mean taking things to the extreme. With dark hues being a favorite staple in so many closets and a go-to for so many fashionistas out there, there’s certainly ways to incorporate black that won’t make your home look too drab.

While we are just discussing black, you can apply these tips to any deep, dark hue such as the trendy navy, plum and deep oxblood colors we’ve seen catching speed. Black is extremely chic, and when applied to the interior in the right way, your home becomes all the more polished and pretty. It’s versatile, too. Black can be dressed up, played down, softened with some foliage or made masculine with the addition of metals and rustic woods.

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1. Get Unexpected. Add black in some of the less suspecting of areas. Create a sophisticated kitchen with black cabinetry and stainless steel fixtures. As we all know, black hides stains, scratches, dirt and more so much better than any of the other colors. Paired with white and metal for their bright and reflective qualities, the black is kept from soaking up too much light.

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2. Define The Trim. Just a touch of black can go a long way, such as this space and the black trim pieces that really create a crisp, linear look. It’s something similar to framing art– everything just looks better and more finished. The black in the far room creates a sense of depth and dimension that draws the eye on the beautiful book collections.

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3. Go Monochrome. If you’re going with the all black and white theme, pops of the dark color are great on furniture and built ins to really help the aesthetics pop against stark whites and bland textures.

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4. Pick Focal Points. Anything within a space that has a specific look, shape or feature to highlight can be ten times more impactful when implemented in black. For example, the classic wingback chairs in the above dining room really make a strong statement alone; but when paired in a cut velvet fabric and a nailhead trim the chair becomes more than just furniture.

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5. Create An all Black Bed. A bed that is covered in all black everything just screams sexy. If a dark and dreamy space is something that appeals to you, all black bed ensemble could be the perfect spot to start. Incorporating great textures and rich fabrics can really make for a seductive space in itself. Those white hotel beds aren’t for everyone…

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6. Look to the Floor. For when your regular walnut, oak or cherry finishes just won’t do. Black floors create a canvas for furnishings, and items really seem to pop against the bold floors. Even pairing rugs with Ebony floors are all the more stunning. Metals look cleaner, and the colors all look fresh and brand new.

How To 7 Ways To Design With Bold Black Accents (1)7. Create Illusions. In smaller, more impactful rooms of the house, a trompe l’oeil could prove to make a big statement. Extend the wall color to a surface and only contrast the trim to draw eyes on the display items and architectural detailing of the furniture, walls or other statement item. It’s subtle, but creating this kind of depth allows the area to appear larger and less ‘full.’

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