How To: 5 Ways To Decorate Your Home With Personal Style

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Outfitting your home with the latest and greatest of design trends and styles can be fun and exciting for the time being, but what about when trends wear off? Keeping your home stylish and looking fantastic on the inside is most felt when its full of your own personal tastes and collections.

Though it isn’t always easy to put together an entire space chock full of everything you love, we have some tips and tricks of ways to personalize things one room at a time. Eventually, when all is said and done– you’ll have a home full of stories, memories and a whole lot of style not found in the latest design magazines to be proud of.

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1. Throw away the rules. While most design styles and etiquette might say to “steer clear” or “only” do things one way or another, you can toss all of those “don’t” rules out the window. This is your home, and if you want to put black paint all over the walls screams “ME” then by all means…
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2. Compile a list. If you’re not sure where to start with creating something that’s just as unique as your personality, start making a list of what you are all about. Not all of the descriptions have to be design related, either. Almost any word can evoke a feeling that can be translated in to space. Look around your current space to gain inspiration.
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3. Gather your favorite things and display them! While some people might not have anything personal out on display in their homes, others go to the opposite extreme in putting every last tchotchke on the shelves. If you’ve got a particular collection of Dia De Los Muertos memorabilia, vintage thermoses or seashells– you can get inspired by every last item for other large purchases. Look to a pattern, texture or color for inspiration.
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4. Mix and Match. If you’re in the process of finding furniture, go for the more versatile pieces that can be arranged, re-arranged and given life in multiple areas of your home. While your style and personality are ever changing, your home can be as well. Mix contemporary and vintage finds, pair Art Deco with Mid-Century pieces and even bring in that antler chandelier if you please. Don’t be afraid to apply this to fabric patterns and miscellaneous items, too. Take an approach where nothing is off limits and move your pillows around the house as you please.
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5. Create multiple layers. One key to attention grabbing design is to create layers. Utilizing stacks of coffee table books, paired with an interesting paper weight, a dish with found objects or a small unique chair disguised as a side table; these are all interesting facets of design that can be built upon over time. An antique medicine cabinet can be re-purposed into a way to display your tea collection and adorn it with teapots, vintage cups, saucers, tassels, books, tea time recipe books and more.

Beyond just stacking up anything and everything you see, create a balance and harmony within your space. If you want to hone in on your personal style, British Designer Abigail Ahern is a great inspiration to look to when breaking all of the steadfast rules of design while creating uniquely gorgeous spaces to dwell in. What are some of your tips to inject personality into your home?

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