Children’s Sleepover Foldable Bed in A Bag

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Children's Sleepover Foldable Bed in A Bag

When children are involved, it’s always best to be as prepared as humanly possible. Especially when sleepovers are happening. Whether your child is going over somewhere else, or a friend is coming to spend the night– it’s nice to know that there is a “bed” of sorts that can keep a couple of extra kiddos comfortable.

The foldable bed in a bag is an easy to use bed that is sectioned into 5 pieces with pillows that are sewn at the edges to allow for a simple storage solution. Once all folded up, the bed slips right into its carrying bag to clear up floor space. There are three fabrics to choose from, between stars, stripes and polka dots for multiple children households. The mattress features water-resistant polyester filled base for easy clean up and upkeep.

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