How To: Turn An Old Closet Into A Functional Workspace

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While closets serve their purposes in so many ways, and so many of us wish we had either an extra closet or additional space within our current closets– there are definitely some exceptions where a closet can be repurposed.

A closet where supplies and crafts are already stored may be difficult to access might be better off functioning as a workspace where all of the supplies just remain in the sealed off space, but the working area moves to the closet nook. Or perhaps you’ve got a small space and can maneuver around the extra storage closet to make room for a small “office” type setup. Whether it’s just a touchdown area to sit and pay bills, write thank you cards or write your next novel– a closet can double for these important spaces as well.

Of course, everything in between also fits the bill, but whatever you choose to utilize your space for, there are some steadfast tips that will get your closet space planning turned work space in no time at all. After determining what you’ll be using your closet for, follow these easy steps.

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1. Come up with a game plan. Want your new space to house your computer, printer and other office items to keep work out of the way and closed off when not in use? Make sure that there are electrical outlets or power access in your closet. Need a craft table within your closet? Determine the best locations for your accessories and tools. What is the purpose, what do you want to accomplish while utilizing your space? Ask yourself questions about the space and really get all of the kinks figured out before you get in too deep.

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2. Clear out the existing space. If you’ve got old shoes, unused items and things that have got to go– get rid of them! Now is the time to purge. Anything that will be used within the new space should be set aside and thought about for later storage and use.

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3. Prime, paint, wallpaper. Now that your closet space is empty, make sure that the walls are just what you want them to be. Paint a funky accent color that’s only used when the curtains are pulled back. Fun printed wallpaper (such as this one) is a great choice for a smaller wall that’s not always in plain sight.

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4. Add built ins, storage and organizers. Anything that’s more useful and will help to keep all tools, plug ins, cables and items at an arm’s reach is a must for such a small office space. files for lettering items, spools of ribbon and so much more.

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5. Put up functional and decorative items. After all of the essentials are in order, that tack board, photo frames and computer plugged in (or glue gun!), it’s time that you make your new set up feel just like home. Be sure to try and give your space some new doors, too. You won’t want to look at all of your projects at once anyway, so section it off with some nice curtains or bi-fold doors for good measure.

6. Set up and get to work! This step is easy as long as you’re not the procrastinating type. Your new office or work space should work for you, not against you, so work in it and re-evaluate to see what can be re-worked in the future.

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