How To: 10 Ways To Bring The Outdoors In

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It’s a constant struggle to balance interior and exterior spaces. In homes where cold weather doesn’t allow much outdoor exposure in the cold months, it can be a great idea to bring in natural elements to enjoy. Or even for homes in these warmer climates, ties to the outdoors can make a space feel cohesive and seamless throughout.

If you’ve got a plethora of photo frames and no idea where to start when it comes to nature, check out our ten tips below on how to bring the outdoors in and see what you can apply to your own space. We’ve got everything– from the simple and low maintenance, to the extreme and intricate.

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1. Rich Woods and Open windows. Sometimes, the best ways to start are with large open windows without any coverings to allow the outdoors to become an extension of your home. Rich wood tones are also an amazing way to warm up a space without just adding the random plant here and there.

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2. Go All Out. This may be one of the most extreme examples we’ve seen, but pebble textured carpet, uplighting and minimalist furniture can truly have you feeling like you’re out in the wilderness.

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3. Add Green Hues and Plants. Even where bare windows are concerned, adding an emerald toned rug to wood floors, dispersing plants throughout and adding natural, textured accents such as rattan baskets, shells and rocks are  a surefire way to get the outdoor feel within.

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4. Go Faux. Plants may not be your thing, but the color and beauty might be the only thing you need to get that jump start on your day. A photographic style wallpaper mural can really add depth, dimension, color and even the outdoors!

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5. Add A Planter. Though it seems simple enough, this planter (via ApartmentTherapy) is more than just your average potted plant. It’s carefully curated, and you can make it as chic as you’d like complete with floral or succulent combinations of your choice.

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6. Walk on The Wild Side. Taxidermy is a pretty popular option as of late, especially the cardboard variety. It’s got that outdoor wildlife edge without needing any upkeep. These items have been popping up in vintage stores and at flea markets more and more, and can be relatively easy to find if this is the “outdoor” look for you.

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7. Creative Cutouts. Now, we realize that this one is reaching… but if you’ve got the opportunity to build out a terrace or where new construction permits this can be executed beautifully.

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8. Inspired Furniture Pieces. In a minimalist inspired space, sometimes a detailed piece of furniture can truly be the focal point and add some interest without straying too far off the beaten path. A gorgeously crafted bed can add a woodsy touch and still keep things clutter and maintenance free.

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9. Air Plants. These nifty little plants are so low maintenance and have the same benefits as any other indoor houseplant. They make beautiful accent pieces and can be added to any style decor.

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10. Create a Vertical Garden. Vertical gardens have also been a hot commodity. They can be as small or as large as your space allows, and you can even use faux greenery if getting the infrastructure ready is out of the budget.

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