How To: Hide Your Cat Litter Box At Home

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Cat litter boxes can be an ugly overshadowing of your furry friend’s presence in your home, but that doesn’t mean that they have to be. If you’ve got a kitty at home, chances are that there is a smelly, unsightly litter box hanging around. There are a few tips and tricks for pet owners to be able to cohabitate with their felines without having to deal with the mess and constant reminder of litter.

One of the best spots (and most obvious) is of course out of the way of your cat’s food and water, since they don’t want to have to use the bathroom where they eat. This might cause issues with your cat doing his or her business where they shouldn’t, and that’s the last thing you want while trying to get rid of their foul smells.

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Utilize a piece of furniture that would otherwise already be in your home that’s actually a litter box, disguised as a table or planter. Face the entrance in a corner or at a wall, and no one will ever know where kitty is running off to do his business. Keeping the box confined to a specific areas also keeps excess litter out of places like your bed and from getting lodged deep in your carpets and rugs.

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Go au naturel. Some kitties might like the idea of something that’s a little more like the great outdoors. Though a cat would naturally find a place to dig and bury their “business,” this Pet Loo won’t have your cat kicking litter, dust and clay everywhere– hence creating less allergens in the air. Plus, it’s a lot more attractive than your standard litter box.

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Get mid-century modern with it. If you’re looking for a high end solution, there are some more quality furniture pieces made specially for your pets. For example: a solid hardwood cabinet that is accessible to your cat via a discreet porthole style cutout on the side, and it’s also accessible to humans via standard doors for ease of cleaning and even some storage.

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If you’ve got the funds and space, an actual built in spot for your cat to have his own private bathroom with special ventilation and the whole nine. This particular bathroom also features a sheet metal lining for easy cleaning for when things get real messy. Another similar solution would be to add a small kitty door to a secluded place in your home where a litter box won’t bother anyone on a day-to-day basis, such as the garage or a basement.

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