Chevron Table by Atelier-D

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Craftsmanship is important in the design of accessories and goods for the home. Montreal based workshop, Atelier-D has got some beautifully crafted home pieces that include things from great trays, to lighting and accent tables.

One of our favorites happens to be the Chevron Table. A simple three sided structure crafted out of black frosted acrylic measures at a minimal 16″x15″x16″ and makes a big statement. There are a few varying patterns throughout the exterior, including a herringbone pattern and chevron cutouts placed in random increments. There’s a nice balance between visual patterns and textures, all interwoven to create a beautiful piece.

Chevron Table by Atelier-D (3)

Chevron Table by Atelier-D (2)

Chevron Table by Atelier-D (1)

Atelier-D has more amazing products for purchase on their site.

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