Woodsy L’observatoire Pavilion in France

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With a limited space of only 215 square feet, a natural observatory in Alsace, France was created with a whole lot of personality. Though there isn’t a whole lot of striking design upon first glance, the budget friendly structure is incredibly resourceful for a public space with limited materials.

Created by CLP Architects, the “L’observatoire” tower is a truly interactive experience. With the ability to interact with the building and the environment, users can take their time and take in the surroundings through varied “windows” and mold the view to create something of their own. Not only will those partaking in the pavilion experience get to control the view, but storage and ventilation are also affected by the movement of the structural panels.

Woodsy L'observatoire Pavilion in France (2)

Woodsy L'observatoire Pavilion in France (1)

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