Hiroshi Nakamura’s Kangaroo Pouch Inspired House SH

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Japanese architect Hiroshi Nakamura’s work is always a thought provoking piece to revel in, and Tokyo’s House SH is no different. This time drawing inspiration from a Kangaroo’s pouch, the architect developed a residence that appears to be pregnant on the exterior.

A smooth white front facade with no windows really draws passersby to look at the interesting innovation. It’s tall and narrow like a human or kangaroo would be, and it’s got some interesting shadow happening around the “pouch” area. The interior is soft and inviting, it seems like a cosy place where intimate conversations and peaceful relaxation would take place. The spiral staircase and upper mezzanine in this home add a sharp structural architectural element.

Hiroshi Nakamura's Kangaroo Pouch Inspired House SH (2)

Hiroshi Nakamura's Kangaroo Pouch Inspired House SH (1)

Images: Phaidon

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