8 Quirky Creative Bookends With A Theme

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While libraries might be a thing of the past for the new generation, there are plenty of us out here still that love our tangible books. The digital age might have given us a whole new way to read and enjoy multiple books without carrying a plethora of paperbacks at all times– but who said that the physical copies can’t be displayed beautifully within our homes?

With physical copies of books becoming less and less, having a unique way to display them up on a floating shelf or in a cabinet has never been so appealing. We’ve shopped around for favorites, and put together 8 of our favorites that are sure to standout in any interior. Themes ranging from thriller movies to wooded landscape and even some bookends including fish are included.

Which are your favorite?

8 Quirky Creative Bookends With A Theme (8)

1. Speech Mark Bookends. Obviously a great signifier of speech, reading and writing– all within a simple and sleek black metal profile. Check them out in detail over at Fab.


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2. Shower Scene Bookends. What’s better than a handmade gift that represents your favorite scary movie of all time? Crafted from hammered steel, at a price point of $50, they can’t be beat. Visit Knob Creek Metal Arts on Etsy to learn more.


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3. Bookends of The Earth. A beautiful contrast to the typical metallic sheen that follows most bookend styles. These rustic inspired miniature forest resin cast bookends really make a statement. Get your own pair from Anthropologie.


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4. Katana Bookends. Kill Bill references, anyone? These bookends are a great feature for a themed room, boys room or just for fun in the office. A cool find from Mustard.


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5. Knowledge in the Brain Bookends. Karim Rashid strikes again with his geometric presence in a seemingly simple pair of bookends that meld together to create a face. It’s once they are opened up that it reveals a golden brain. Purchase Karim Rashid’s great bookends via Amazon.


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6. Jonathan Adler Owl Bookends. Another design great from the very quirky, “Happy Chic” designer. His pottery skills are always showcased with beautifully chiseled details and luxe materials– like the alabaster base these owls are perched on. Find these in the Amazon store.


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7. Invisible Bookend. Paul Cocksedge has created a very inventive, modern and minimalist way to display your books without a whole lot of unnecessary decoration happening. His invisible bookends are the perfect solution for the already busy space or the minimalist in you. Paul Cocksedge Shop.


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8. DCI Decorative Jar Bookends. Though these bookends aren’t exactly fish bowls, the jars are intended for one to express their own creativity and design tastes with the 8×5 clear vessels. Check them out on Amazon.

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