7 Easy Ideas To Cozy Up Rooms in Your Home

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It can be difficult at times, to make a house into a home. Whether owned or rented, the interior should feel like a home, regardless of the situation. Even with all of your furniture, clothes and favorite things inside, there may still be a looming feeling of impersonality and sterile coldness.

Below you’ll find 7 easy tips and tricks to warm up a room (or two) in your home. See if you can implement a few, and even see if there is a way to incorporate two or more at one time. Elements like all white walls, tile or concrete flooring and metals can make a cold first impression, but there are all kinds of ways to offset these sleek design elements.


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1. Add an area rug.
Area rugs are an amazing way to add some dimension to your space. Just as the ceilings get neglected a great majority of the time, the floor is another huge part of space that likely isn’t layered the way some of your more popular furniture pieces are.


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2. Something Living.
Whether fresh flowers, a succulent or two, or even a basil plant are included in your home– getting another life source indoors will not only freshen things up– but really create a more personalized space. Grab one of each for specific spaces in your home and things will feel more serene and cozy than before.


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3. Soften things with color and texture.
Some are partial to cleaner, less decorative aesthetics. For those who are drawn to a more minimalist lifestyle, add some softness against the harsh concretes, laminates, and ceramic choices with fabric. Varying patterns, colorways and textures are all going to breathe new life into any room. And don’t forget the paint! A splash of color on a wall, in a nook or on a ceiling are great ways to warm up the natural lighting and all around vibe.


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4. Lighting.
Lighting plays much more of a valuable role than it gets credited for. While standard light fixtures don’t typically cut it (especially if you’re in to entertaining)– candlelight, dimmer switches and diffuse lighting are all options for making everything look a lot less sterile.

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5. Photographs & Art.
Photos create unique personal connections and tell stories. Ever heard that a picture is worth a thousand words? Well, this will create more of an internal warmth; and when they are images that you love, your guests will feel like your home has a story to tell. Art and pictures don’t always have to have people as subjects, either.


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6. Personal touches.
Have a special collection of murano glass figurines? What about a cool grouping of World War memorabilia? Vintage bakelite serveware from a family member? Anything that is unique to you should be included and will help add dimension. Whichever way things are incorporated is up to you!


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7. Signature Scent.
Smell is one of the most powerful senses we possess. Though warmth may not come in the form of a tactile or visual indicator, a special scent that is unique to your home will make a lasting impression on guests. If it is an aroma that has baked goods involved, that’s a shoe in for “warming” things up instantly.

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