10 Unique Kitchen Measuring Tools

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Measuring tools are the essential part of any baker’s kitchen sets. With all of the mixers, food processors, various pans, tins and miscellaneous gadgets needed to prepare a dessert or a meal– things can get overwhelming and unusually bland.

Simple items such as measuring spoons and cups can really spice up the personality of a kitchen without having to design an entire interior around their theme. Below, you’ll find some of our favorite tools when it comes to getting precise with those ingredients.

10 Unique Kitchen Measuring Tools (11)

1. Fred M Cup Measuring Matroyshkas
Nesting dolls turned into nesting dry measure cups are an ingenious idea for a quirky couple and an artful space. See their nesting qualities and more at Amazon’s online shop.

10 Unique Kitchen Measuring Tools (10)

2. Boston Warehouse Zooology Gator Measuring Spoon
Make a splash with these four gator themed porcelain measuring spoons. Purchase yours at Amazon’s online store.

10 Unique Kitchen Measuring Tools (9)

3. GAMAGO Swiss Measuring Spoons
Perfect for the manly man in your life, who might not know much about measuring spoons, but could figure it out if they were in the form of a swiss army knife. Pick them up at Amazon’s online store.

10 Unique Kitchen Measuring Tools (8)

4. Pop-Print Measuring Spoons
Hostess and housewarming gifts can be a bit impersonal, but these gorgeous dishwasher safe spoons will make a lasting impression on the recipient. Purchase them at Anthropologie.

10 Unique Kitchen Measuring Tools (7)

5. Joseph Joseph 8-Piece Food Preparation Nesting Set
This ultra bright set isn’t quite just for measuring spoons, but the 8 piece collection covers it all from spoons to cups and colanders. Purchase your own nesting set on Amazon.

10 Unique Kitchen Measuring Tools (6)

6. Our Workshop Peacock Measuring Spoons
If messy drawers are an issue, this collection stays connected via a small silver peacock body. The green, blue and yellow measurers fan out to create a whimsical look. Learn more of these spoons on Our Workshop.

10 Unique Kitchen Measuring Tools (5)
7. Boston Warehouse Snowy Owls Measuring Spoons
Owls are a trendy decorative element at the moment, and with Winter wearing off snow may not be the most prevalent. But these owls are great for those just taking on baking as a hobby to get in the spirit and festive for holidays to come. The cozy owl measuring spoons can be found on Amazon.

10 Unique Kitchen Measuring Tools (4)
8. Busy Bee Ceramic Measuring Cups
Great as serving dishes for sauces, nuts and more– these bee adorned cups clean up well and stack atop one another to create a decorative little beehive. Great as a gift, learn more from Red Envelope.

10 Unique Kitchen Measuring Tools (3)

9. Fish Food Measuring Spoons
Copper makes a real statement in a kitchen. For a more timeless, yet eye-catching look, go for a metallic set that will last. These particular spoons are no longer available on Anthropologie, but there are plenty of alternatives on the web.

10 Unique Kitchen Measuring Tools (2)

10. Fat Cat Measuring Cups
Who doesn’t love cats? Fat cats, especially. A really unique gift for the crazy cat lady in your life– and who knows, perhaps they can be used to measure out and ration cat food! Purchase these and the matching measuring spoons on Sur La Table.

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