10 Simple Ways To Go Green in Your Home

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Going green may seem like a daunting task for many. But in all actuality, there are so many small and simple tasks that can be done that will make a majority of the difference. Whether the inspiration is to watch your electricity or water bills disappear, or to do your part for the environment– going green is a win-win for everyone.

We’ve come up with a simple list of 10 easy ways to start transitioning your life down the green path, check them out below and see if there are any that you’re already implementing.

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1. Go Natural.
Planting a tree, shrubs or any other sort of air producing plant is helpful not only to the environment, but to your home and energy usage. Trees can help to shade those areas of the home that get extra warm in the afternoons and they’re going to add to the eco-system in return.

2. Unplug.
Electronics that are plugged in and turned off may still be utilizing electricity that you end up footing the bill for. Many times called “Phantom loads,” items like cell phone and camera chargers, printers and bedside lamps can be unplugged when not in use.

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3. Ditch Incandescent Bulbs.
This one may be the most obvious, as the last 10 years have shown that a CFL bulb (and more recently LED’s) are a better route for using less electricity and longer lasting bulbs can do the same job. Fluorescent bulbs have also perfected their look to incorporate warmer tones to get that incandescent effect if you so choose.

4. Clean Green.
Utilizing green cleaners made with less harmful chemicals and more natural ingredients is helpful for the earth and the air you breathe. Hazardous agents can live in your home for much longer than the intense smells last. Switch over to more natural concentrates to cut down on purchasing more wasteful packaging as well.

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5. Recycle Electronics.
Items like our computers, cell phones, power cords, televisions and even that VCR aren’t going to last forever. It’s important to dispose of these items appropriately to keep hazardous parts and pieces out of our landfills and allow the parts that are reusable to be upcycled for another life.

6. Reach For The Star.
Energy Star, that is. Energy Star rated appliances are the way to go if there is a need or a want for an upgraded large item. Even small items have energy star ratings so that you’re getting the most out of your regularly used items.
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7. Shop Vintage/Local.
Think twice when you need that new rug, coffee table or desk. There are probably some great vintage finds or thrift store come ups in your local area. Remember, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. This will cut down on emissions in more ways than one, and you’ll have a one-of-a-kind piece.

8. Conserve Water.
This one has been taught to us since the dawn of time. Turn of the faucet when brushing teeth, only wash full loads, cut down on hand-washing dishes (and even rinsing first!). Wash your clothes in cold water to reduce the footprint on heating water and the bill for hot water.

9. Seal It Up.
Go through your home and feel around for drafty windows, door seals and other crevices that might be a nuisance. While filling gaps and insulating your home might not be an option at the moment, cut down on drafts by using a simple draft extruder on your doors and windows.

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10. Look for Low-Tech Solutions.
Instead of always looking for the new and improved technological approach to things, try and think back a few generations of how they solved issues. Warm up a cold and drafty room with an area rug or a throw blanket. Open some windows to cool a space instead of switching on the A/C.

What are some of your favorite, easy tips to go green? Share with us below.

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