Shipping Container ‘House R’ In The Hamptons

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New York’s ‘The Hamptons’ is known for being one of the most upscale places to vacation, let alone live, in the US. Take the gorgeous water views and classic homes that are abound in this setting– and in comes worldwide Abiboo Architecture firm to put in a shipping container compound on a nice edge plot of land.

House R is a 17,000 square foot villa is a Summer house for a family who is largely vested into boats. With the water and their boats being a huge part of their lifestyle, the home’s planning and programming revolves around the amazing “corner” stake of land. The swiss-knife composition allows for differing areas of the home to host various activities at once. The outdoor areas allow for activity as well as multiple docking points for friends and family to take advantage of.

Shipping Container 'House R' In The Hamptons (2)

Shipping Container 'House R' In The Hamptons (1)

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