My Desk Sketchpad Workspace

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Miguel Mestre’s desk creation is genius for innovators, creators and artists of all trades. Even if you’re not an artist the “My Desk” is the perfect place for those who doodle, take notes or just have the habit of writing on anything and everything.

The concept behind this piece of furniture is freedom and its blank pages that come along with it allow the free flowing thoughts to be dually noted. No more notebooks, no post its and no more trying to keep track of notes digitally. Cargo Collective notes: “My Desk gives a 100x70cm blank paper that serves literally as base for your work and helps your mind flow. Sketch, draw, take annotations or simply scribble.”

My Desk Sketchpad Workspace (3)

My Desk Sketchpad Workspace (2)

My Desk Sketchpad Workspace (1)

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