Britain’s Elite Building Underground Fortresses

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Britain's Elite Building Underground Fortresses

When the word ‘bunker’ is thrown about, things like a Zombie Apocalypse might come to mind. Well, in London’s elite area of Kensington, residents are expanding below their homes and into the streets of their neighborhood (much to the disgrace of some neighbors). But not for reasons that you might think– you know, of the world ending or natural disasters that might require a hiding place.

These fortresses are being constructed as basement expansions with more luxury than you or I will likely ever see. One place in particular is creating quite the rise out of locals with its plan to construct a four story below street level playground. The space itself would be home to: a ballroom and swimming pool, with hot tub, sauna and massage room, as well as 15 bedrooms, seven bathrooms and 20 toilets. The Guardian notes it as “plunging deeper into the earth than the height of neighbouring homes.” Slated as ‘iceberg architecture’ the homes look very vanilla from the exterior, but one trip inside and down the wormhole and you’ve transcended a whole other world.

What do you think– monstrosity or cool new innovation?

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