50-Foot Art Installation Recreating Consta Concordia Disaster

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When the Consta Concordia sunk just offshore last year, photos were taken that proved the disaster that had occurred. Just recently, an artist by the name of Thomas Hirschhorn recreated some of disastrous views inside the ship’s casino. Located in The Gladstone Gallery, the 50 foot look inside what the catastrophe really looked like was a mesmerizing realisation.

While the real life tragedy left 30+ people dead, the installation includes so many instances of random objects found aboard and of course adhesives were essential to this obscured view. Plexiglas, lifesavers, reflective vests, flashlights, whistles, rope light, plates, TVs, a standing lamp, piano, exit signs, chairs, sofas, lounge chairs, bar stools, tables, neon bar sign, wall clocks, mirrors, books, and even display cases were used in this diorama application. Of course, art doesn’t come without controversy– and he of course felt the wrath of those scarred by the incident.

50-Foot Art Installation Recreating Consta Concordia Disaster (1)

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