$100,000 Heritage Hen Mini Farm for Neiman Marcus

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The holidays are fast approaching, and every year Neiman Marcus bestows their Fantasy Gift Christmas Book to at least a million homes nationwide. This year there will be plenty of gifts and gadgetry to go around, but one that struck our fancy was this Le Petit Trianon inspired Hen House that was built by Heritage Hen Farm.

For a mere $100,000 your very own initial farm consultation and onsite visits, a hand selected group of 10 hens to start your farm– suited for your region of course (can anyone say Zombie apocalypse?). Upon installing your farm house, there are two custom raised vegetable and/or herb gardens; not to mention the two-story hen dwelling. This space comes complete with a chandelier among all of the other necessary essentials (including a library with books– yes, books).

There is an upside to spoiled hens, though. For every Heritage Hen Mini Farm purchase, NM will donate $3,000 to The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy.

100,000 Heritage Hen Mini Farm for Neiman Marcus (2)

100,000 Heritage Hen Mini Farm for Neiman Marcus (1)

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