Feast on These 15 Fabulous Luxury Closets

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For a woman, a closet can be the sanctuary of her home. Whether there are refrigerators, chaise lounges, televisions or a closet like Cher from Clueless– there is so much personality and style that can go into your dressing space outside of the clothing that’s inside. Even men can have their own tranquil dressing space to look forward to each day. See the spaces that made our top 15 below.

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1. Boutique Style Closet

What fun is a collection of stilettos or sneakers without a classy boutique style display? Rows of built-in wooden shelves and backlit displays really make this dressing room feel like an intimate shop.

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2. Closet with Rich Finishes

Create a luxurious experience in your own dressing sanctuary with rich finishes such as white marble and a rich dark wood for maximum contrast. Also look into green alternatives like recycled glass, stained concrete or bamboo wood.

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3. Intimate Lounge Affair

Beside all of the mixing of color and pattern in this glamorous black and white space, intimate seating groupings can be created for the person who has fun getting ready with others or needs a private space to chill out before a special event. The vanity is flooded with natural light for the perfect makeup application.

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4. Frosted Wardrobe Closets

Visual interest goes a long way in how you preserve and store your garments. In this closet, there are gorgeous frosted glass doors with clear squares for a bit of reference as to what is hidden inside each wardrobe. The perfect amount of enclosure without leaving you lost.

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5. Customized Storage Closet

Whether it’s baubles, fine jewelry, sunglasses, watches, cufflinks, or your favorite sweater collection– specialty storage drawers and compartments are great for those who have a lot of something that’s out of the ordinary. Creating spaces like this is certainly a special addition to anyone’s home.

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6. Go Bold With Color

Color can be incorporated in a small or a big way, and as you can see, this ultra-feminine dressing room made use of the color purple in the custom cabinetry and drawers.  Also something to noteРthis closet was built to grow with extra room left on the top shoe racks for any future additions.

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7. Ultra-Sleek Bachelor’s Closet

It’s no secret that most men prefer everything to be minimal, built-in and out of sight. This closet fits the mould for the standard bachelor paired with overhead lighting, a floor length mirror and a simple bench.

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8. Closet With a TV Wall

A TV can prove to be an important thing while getting ready for some. A movie, music channel, or even the weather can be helpful in pairing that perfect outfit for the day.

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9. A Closet with Visual Hierarchy

Arranging a closet might seem daunting, but if you separate things by height it can prove to be as practical as it is visually soothing. The higher up shelves are for boxed storage, things that aren’t in season or used often. Hanging garments take up the middle portion while bags and shoes are on the lower levels near feet.

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10. Classic White Closet

White helps rooms to look larger and feel more clean when trying to put colors together. Light reflects nicely within a white space, and you can’t go wrong with the ever classic round, tufted ottoman in the center.

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11. Sophisticated Storage Space

Closets don’t always have to stow away just clothing and shoes– especially where the modern day bachelor is concerned. This multi-tiered storage design allows for extra pillows and linens to be stored without taking away the areas sectioned off for clothing and the back-lit hang space.

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12. Cozy Fireplace Closet

Natural materials paired with soft glowing lighting can be a romantic addition to a dressing area that utilizes a fireplace as an in between transition from the bedroom. An oversize bench makes this his and hers space a warm retreat.

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13. Combination Storage Closet

A harmonious combination of completely enclosed and open storage can be a match made in heaven. The dark, rich wood open area is balanced by the glossy white components of sectioned-off storage wardrobes.

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14. Skylight Closet

Natural light can be an essential part of getting glammed up, especially when you want to know how things look in true light. This soft and simple space incorporates a skylight instead of a window for ample light to flood through this dressing area.

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15. 2-in-1 Closet and Bathroom

This space utilizes the bathroom as a dressing space, which might make sense for those who might not have the most square footage to dedicate to an entire walk in closet. Having this closet within the bathroom allows for the feeling of extra room without having to cram everything into a smaller area.

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