15 Unique Home Theater Designs

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Home theaters are the pinnacle of interiors for many, but once you’ve got the expendable cash to splurge on the media room of your dreams there are so many options. Ranging from classic to futuristic; minimal to outrageous– media rooms are what you make of them.

Start with the elements that are most important to you, and tailor the room depending on the amount of space you have, what the space will be primarily used for, and dial in the details as you progress.

As you will see in the photos below, not all theater rooms have to be a giant expense. There are plenty of budget-friendly ways to incorporate your favorite elements into a media room in your own home.

Below are 15 of our favorite unique home theater designs.

15 Unique Home Theater Designs (16)

Contemporary Animal Inspired Theater

Use your personal style to dictate the theme of your theater. Whether it’s cow hides, leopard, zebra, or giraffe print– there is a style that can mesh well in any home.

15 Unique Home Theater Designs (15)

Floor Pillow Media Room

Keep things cozy and casual with a giant grouping of pillows on the floor, accented with a fireplace and a couple of enveloping armchairs.

15 Unique Home Theater Designs (14)

Dark Knight Themed Home Theater

Go as outrageous as your budget allows if you’ve got a favorite movie, character or set-inspired space of all time. This home theater is designed completely around the Batman: Dark Knight flick, down to every last detail (even the Batmobile in the hidden room!).

15 Unique Home Theater Designs (13)

Deconstructed Home Theater

Keep things basic by pinning up a piece of canvas material off of a natural wall. This space gives off a more boho, rustic vibe while still being functional and looking comfortable enough to have a movie marathon.

15 Unique Home Theater Designs (12)

Outdoor Lounge Movie Space

Perfect for warm summer nights, create a romantic outdoor setting with cushions, candles, throws and a big blank canvas to project onto. Don’t forget the snacks!

15 Unique Home Theater Designs (11)

Ultimate Sound System Theater

If you’re all about getting the most out of the booming soundtracks and effects in your experience, consider planning a majority of your room around the technology and equipment, like this $6,000,000 home theater. It’s set up with the seating in the middle of a circular room to get that true surround sound appeal.

15 Unique Home Theater Designs (10)

Bold Patterned Theater

Mix and match bold colors and patterns to give your theater depth and visual interest, instead of just the obligatory leather seating and wide screen. Get as playful as you’d like, it’s your own private lounge!

15 Unique Home Theater Designs (9)

Tiered Theater With Deep Sofas

Soft neutrals, under-lit steps, and upholstered walls for acoustic privacy give this room an etherial feel, and the ultra deep seating that sits on three levels makes things extra comfortable to cuddle up on while catching up on the latest releases.

15 Unique Home Theater Designs (8)

Small Scale Home Theater Room

Home theaters don’t always have to be oversized, multi-leveled or equipped with crazy theater seats. This small scaled space is surprisingly spacious with lounge style seating, dark walls and a striped wall for some interest when not completely in the dark.

15 Unique Home Theater Designs (7)

Theater With a Vibrant Color Scheme

Can’t pick just one color? Kids take over the media room? Giant bed style seating and neutral finishes on the floor and walls allow the seating to take center stage.

15 Unique Home Theater Designs (6)

Non-Traditional Color Combination Theater

While a vast majority of home media rooms go for the black and red route– other color combinations can be an unexpected, (and refreshing) change of pace. This chocolate and aqua space definitely drums up something different.

15 Unique Home Theater Designs (5)

Futuristic Themed Theater

If Star Wars is a favorite past time, or Star Trek gets your heart racing– a futuristic inspired home media room might be the route to go. Go for some sleek panels, a galaxy sky painted on the walls or ceiling and a clean lined set of seats.

15 Unique Home Theater Designs (4)

Traditional Movie Theater Styled Space

If a home theater is synonymous with traditional red velvet seating, curtain enclosed screens and colored lighting with gold trim and glowing sconces– you can still provide plenty of interest with architectural details.

15 Unique Home Theater Designs (3)

Spacious Open Theater Room

Home theaters don’t always have to be a closed off, dedicated room. This laid back theater has a nice mixture of clean lines, rich materials and a beautiful incorporation of built-ins to keep things streamlined and not too overwhelming against the rest of the home.

15 Unique Home Theater Designs (2)

Geometric Wall Media Room

Keep everything minimal and neutral, but play up the excitement and drama with pattern and paneling on the walls. Choose an accent color that’s a few shades darker to anchor the room and keep the moody theater feeling, and place it on the ceiling and baseboards.

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