10 Gorgeous Vertical Gardens

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10 Gorgeous Vertical Gardens (11)In an attempt to go more green in many senses, people from across the world have been evolving their own creative ideas in how to incorporate vertical gardens into their homes, work places, and other public spaces. There’s absolutely no right or wrong way to have a lush garden tied into a space and we’ve found 10 that really take the vertical garden idea to the next level.

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This house in Brussels, Belgium epitomizes the definition of a vertical garden. With the entire exterior covered in various exotic green plants, and the rear of the home opening up to thin glass pieces– we’d have to say that the balance of all of this greenery is just right. The structure of course had to be re-worked to irrigate all of the life that’s enveloping the home, but nonetheless, stunning.

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Though it’s not your standard vertical garden, in the Gardens by the Bay here are some “Supertrees” that are constructed with plenty of plants with room to grow into the tree-like structure and serve as shady canopies for visitors. These supertrees are the largest part of the garden with a cluster of 12, and they’re sitting in the heart of the garden.

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The Green Cast building in Kengawa Japan has got an interesting facade that’s covered in various rectangular surfaces that house different plants and have a complete irrigation system behind them. Aluminum panels on the shell’s exterior also help with ventilation and the spotted blocking up close looks much more sophisticated from afar.

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Microsoft’s latest headquarters located in Vienna are a much more fresh approach than we’ve seen in the past. With technology and nature being two major concerns of the company, their latest attempt is a home run in the design department. There are many elements of water, wood and lush greenery incorporated into the space. It’s the reception area that’s real fun with a walled garden accented by a blown up image of electronics adjacent to it.

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This home has what’s referred to as a ‘planter screen’ that was put up as more of a curtain to shield the interior from the rain. It looks more like an open rack of plants and are just the right size to accommodate plenty of small potted plants that are easily interchanged by the homeowner. The plants certainly give a nice balance to the delicate opposing glass wall.

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Sometimes referred to as ‘Living Walls’ this vertical garden covers more than an astounding 3,000 square feet of this public building with more than 10,000 plants a part of the installation. It’s noted as an urban oasis for plenty of the eco-system and  helps to insulate the building, purify the air and transform the exterior into something truly special.

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There’s typically nothing more special in a home to us than a court yard, but pair that with a truly interesting vertical garden and you’ve got us swooning. This home located in Melbourne, Australia has a walled piece that’s broken up into two parts and is staggered over two stories with a great selection of plants.

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San Francisco office of Jones + Haydu is a gold certified LEED building with a great vertical garden incorporated to the upper mezzanine and conference room of this sustainable interior. Put together with great simplicity and symmetry by way of framing the meeting room, it’s a great statement that brings color and life to the neutral palette.

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Los Angeles is home to one of the most happening and sustainable events spots around. The Smogshoppe LA hosts plenty of weddings every year, and a lot of their popularity rests on not only their sustainability, but their spectacular decor– including plenty of vertical gardens dispersed on both the exterior walls and the interior spaces of the old smog location.

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Last, but certainly not least is a vertical garden to an extent– referred to by the Italian designer as a forest. A big part of the success of these two towers was adding the greenscape to an already industrialized, very urban landscape. The trees, shrubs and plants are not only great for the city, but the dwellers as well. Promoting fresh air and essentially–reforestation, only in more of an urban area as opposed to the traditional forest.

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