Tiny ‘Nido’ Micro Cabin in Finland Woods by Robin Falck

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Nido Micro Cabin (5)Developers know all too well the frustration of obtaining permits for building their new projects. Fortunately for residents in Finland, permits are not needed to build a new home, but there is a catch though. In order to build a home without a permit, the home must be no larger than 128 square feet.

With that being said most people do end up getting the permit, but Robin Falck decided to capitalize on the concept with a beautiful tiny home called the Nide, which is Italian for birds nest. The home may be small, but it’s beautiful never the less, equipped with a 50 square foot loft bedroom among a total of 96 square feet of living space. The dwelling features a large two story window allowing plenty of natural light to enter, and even includes a nice deck to catch some rays outside this lakeside abode.

Nido Micro Cabin (4)

Nido Micro Cabin (3)

Nido Micro Cabin (2)

Nido Micro Cabin (1)

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