Stunning Sliding House by dRMM

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Stunning Sliding House in London in DRMM
Just when you thought you had seen in it all when it comes to innovative architecture, the London based architecture studio dRMM presents there absolutely remarkable Sliding House.

When you first lay eyes on this home, it may look like nothing more than a beautifully constructed farm house, but there is definitely more than meets the eye with this dwelling. The home features a dynamic aspect to it, allowing the residence itself to literally expand and contract providing the residents with a multitude of living environments suited to their current desires.

“The separated forms are transformed by a 20 ton mobile roof/wall enclosure which traverses the site, creating combinations of enclosure, open-air living and framing of views according to position. This is an autonomous structure; steel, timber, insulation and unstained larch spanning recessed railway tracks. Movement is powered by hidden electric motors on wheels integrated into the wall thickness.” via Enpundit.

This is one of those homes that you have to watch the video to truly understand the concept. Check it out below.
Sliding House in London in dRMM

Stunning Sliding House in London in dRMM

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